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State Stone Work, Inc. installs durable granite countertops in San Diego, CA. Granite is presently the most popular natural stones material used for countertops. No one can deny the bold, yet subtle, natural beauty of this product. The natural grains and veins that flow through this material are mesmerizing, and no two are ever the same. Our certified fabrication experts will install granite countertops in your kitchen or bathroom upon request. There is a wide array of slabs to choose from, and we make the process easy.

The natural color of granite presents a seemingly endless variety of patterns. This nearly diamond-hard natural stone is extremely durable. It is known for resisting heat, scratches, and stains. This simply means you can move your hot pans straight from the burner to the counter and use sharp kitchen tools on it without the fear of causing damage. However, granite is a porous material and does need to be sealed occasionally. The way in which this product is fabricated allows it to provide mildew and mold protection.

At State Stone Work, Inc. we will use granite to create your ideal kitchen or bathroom. We will provide professional results and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our skilled specialists will use all of their experience to make your granite dreams come true.

Our counter and flooring expert will walk you through the process and assist you in choosing a unique product that will transform your home into something truly elegant. Granite countertops are highly sought after for a reason. The material is pricey, but the quality is something that can last virtually forever. See us for expert service today!