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Granite Countertops | State Stone Work, Inc. | San Diego, CA | 6194440257
State Stone Work, Inc. installs durable granite countertops in San Diego, CA. Granite is presently the most popular natural stones material used for....
Quartz Countertops | State Stone Work, Inc. | San Diego, CA | 6194440257
State Stone Work, Inc. provides outstanding quartz countertops in San Diego, CA. Nothing boosts your kitchen home décor quite like newly installed stone...
Marble Countertops | State Stone Work, Inc. | San Diego, CA | 6194440257
State Stone Work, Inc. offers elegant marble countertops in San Diego, CA. The luxurious veins in marble have made it one of the most elegant and luxurious natural stone...

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Welcome to State Stone Work, Inc.

State Stone Work, Inc. is a highly sought-after natural stone contractor in San Diego, CA. We provide the professional fabrication and installation of granite, quartz, and marble countertops. Every expert on our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and extensively trained to work with a wide range of countertop material. Our home décor specialists are qualified to make your dream kitchen or bathroom become a reality. One of these rooms would not be complete without the awesome addition of beautiful stone countertops.

The beauty of natural stones for countertop projects cannot be denied. All of the materials we fabricate and install are incredibly beautiful and alluring, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may be drawn to granite, while others are drawn to quartz or marble. We offer a huge assortment of slabs to choose from in our vast inventory. Our home improvement experts know all the positives and negatives about each stone option. We will assist you in choosing the appropriate countertops for your particular situation.

At State Stone Work, Inc. we have 15 years of experience providing the best bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel in the San Diego, CA area. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We offer a helpful approach to finding the right countertop for your home and will not push any particular type. Our experts will provide you with a professional opinion and answer any questions that you might need answered; we leave the final choice up to you.

You will not find a more dedicated natural stone contractor anywhere in the San Diego, CA area. We take American craftsmanship to an entirely different level. Get your new dream countertops by choosing us and asking about our free estimates.